Sue Watson, Sales Consultant

2 years with Weaver Homes

"It is the overall integrity and transparency with which Weaver Homes operates as a builder that I eagerly began my employ in Spring 2017.  Having worked for other builders, built a custom home of my own, and understand common (cost-cutting) practices in the market, I have tremendous appreciation for what makes Weaver Homes exceptional.  From the quality of the products in the homes to the quality of the fine craftsmanship; from the customer-friendly process to the respectful, helpful manner with which every Weaver team member interacts with the customer and each other. I take my role as a sales consultant seriously, but pride myself on making it enjoyable! I am passionate about helping homeowners make the best choices for them: finding the right location, floorplan, features, homesite, price, and time-frame.  When investing in a new home, navigating all the choices in the market can be overwhelming – what is the best fit, the best value, and why?  I welcome the conversation."


The Villas at Spring Valley