FAQs About Moving Day

A representative of the moving company should contact you at least 24 hours prior to Moving Day to let you know time of arrival. Be sure to share any changes that have taken place that may affect them.

Some Tips If You’re Planning To Move

Take all factors (jobs, schools, weather, vacation) into consideration when deciding on the best time to move. As a rule, the busiest times for professional moving companies are during the summer months, May – September. So if you are hiring a moving company, you’ll have to plan about six to eight weeks ahead.

Weaver Homes Introduces Courtyards at Creekside

Weaver Homes is pleased to introduce our newest community, Courtyards at Creekside in Adams Township. There are only 14 homesites in this quaint community, so we are currently taking deposits for a site selection lottery. Courtyards at Creekside is going to be released for sale on June 27th.

What Are You Doing Memorial Day Weekend?

The federal Memorial Day holiday is generally considered the official opening of summer in the United States. And that usually means a three-day weekend of fun activities. We came up with a list of possibilities…

Homeowners Enjoy a Variety of Tax Breaks

With tax season upon us, it’s a good idea to remind new (and potential) homeowners that in addition to the joy of owning your own home, you also inherit new tax considerations.

Tips on Staging Your Home to Sell

Staging your home is proven to increase traffic and even your sale price, so take the time to stage each room to best show off its assets, and downplay its flaws. The first rule of staging, though, is cleanliness. Above all, every room must be pristine.

Some Tips on Eco-Friendly Moving

Moving is typically not an eco-friendly undertaking. It involves packing boxes, tape, packing peanuts, transportation… lots of ways to harm the environment. But it doesn’t have to be an eco-nightmare.

Follow through with your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a time-honored tradition to make resolutions for the new year. We vow to improve ourselves – to eat healthy, exercise more… the list is endless. This year, take the initiative and see how many resolutions you can keep – right from the comfort of your own home!

Home for the Holidays

Imagine… it’s the perfect snow day or lazy afternoon during winter break for the kids; the snow is blissfully falling outside as you sip your hot chocolate in front of a crackling fire. This typical holiday scene is almost always too good to be true, often interrupted by frantic children or the electricity going out. But you still crave that moment of winter serenity where you can finally enjoy the beauty of the holiday season. Here are a few simple ways to enjoy peace this winter.

A Family of 5 – BelleVue Story

Justin and Noelle Weaver lived in Crafton outside of the City of Pittsburgh with there two son’s Carson (8), Logan (6) and daughter Brooklyn (2), for over 10 years. Their daughter Brooklyn was born with an undersized airway and a cleft in her esophagus that prevented her from keeping food and liquids out of her lungs.

How Weaver Homes is Giving Back

With the holiday season approaching, it is no surprise that giving back is on our minds. While we’re consumed with how to give thanks to those we know and love, we sometimes overlook the concept of giving back to strangers. There are actually many ways to give back your time, talents and treasures this holiday season. Choosing just one to do with your family can make a world of difference.

How to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether you are hosting for a family of five or fifteen in your cozy home, a Thanksgiving party can be intimidating. No need to quit the idea of entertaining cold turkey. If you follow these four C’s of Thanksgiving, you will be sure to have a warm and welcome home for all to enjoy.